fi·del·i·ty | \ fə-ˈde-lə-tē  , fī-\

1 a: the quality or state of being faithful his : his fidelity to his wife

1 b: accuracy in details EXACTNESSThe movie's director insisted on total fidelity to the book.

2: the degree to which an electronic device (such as a record player, radio, or television) accurately reproduces its effect (such as sound or picture)

Y-Fi (short for Ypsi Fidelity) is a social art movement borne on the creative brilliance and bravery of students at Ypsilanti Community High School. Each week they learn, research, and prepare a performance art piece that will take place in or around Ypsilanti, drawing attention and at times, making a statement through spectacle. In viewing works by artists such as Nick Cave, Sam Hsieh, Marina Abramovic, and Yayoi Kusama, students are challenged to create high-quality performance monthly that may include photography, video, sound, written or spoken word, and live social media. Students are paid for their engagement per class and happening.

This website is an ongoing archive of the productions and events surrounding Y-Fi as it continues through 2019. A book and exhibition will open in Fall 2019 (location TBD). Y-Fi is broad in the variety of mediums the happenings will proliferate but succinct in its aim to convey the students’ identities and voices.

Y-Fi is a project produced by husband and wife artists, Nick and Yen Azzaro. Y-Fi is made possible in partnership with Eastern Michigan University Bright Futures and with the generosity of Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.