Firm Handshake

This past week was the start of the new quarter. Nick had warned me that some of the kids might not be coming back since clubs change. When all the kids came in one after another, and we added three new students, I was elated. It felt like “the gang was all there” and it was a wonderful way to come back from spring break. We reviewed what happened at éclat, the last event including the successes, the barriers, and what we would do to improve.

There are a number of opportunities coming our way which I’ll share (hopefully) very soon. The amount of exposure the students receive only improve their ability to approach people and build each person’s confidence, which, I’m always surprised to hear because they seem so comfortable in their skin amongst their peers. When they’re put on the spot, it’s a different story.

La’Shanay, our intrepid EMU assistant, led the students in an introduction exercise. She instructed each student to state his/her/their name, age, grade, something they enjoyed doing in spare time, and what he/she/they contributed to Y-Fi. I thought it was a very thoughtful list and it went well for the most part. It’s something we will continue to practice. It will inform us of their social strengths and where each student may need some practice.

Y-Fi sharpens their introduction delivery and firms up handshakes.

Y-Fi sharpens their introduction delivery and firms up handshakes.

Look out for our next event in the parking lot of Ypsilanti Community High School on Thursday, April 25th. It will be a nostalgic-good time!