Last week we met with the students for the last time before we have our culminating walk through the University of Michigan campus and a closing dinner with community members and funders. It was sentimental but it was also this huge relief that we had so many students come back. When we saw down to talk to them about what summer would hold (including our happening on July 3rd at Ann Arbor Summer Fest!) we felt the commitment and pride coming from each student, voiced in different ways.

Time after time, students talked about how they had overcome a fear of talking to strangers, but even more so, the lack of fear they felt from being in Y-Fi. That seeing a friend from Y-Fi no longer meant they acted like they didn’t know one another. That now, even though they were from different peer groups, they could hug in the hallway.

That made this all worth it. We can’t wait to share the next series of photos with you. In the meanwhile, if you didn’t see the Concentrate article by Sarah Rigg, check it out. And look for our next story in Ann Arbor Family Press coming out shortly.